Stephino RPG has been acquired and is no longer actively developed.
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Project timeline

History and roadmap

Stephino RPG is a product of passion. What started off as a playful experiment quickly grew into something more.

Getting Started

Launching the game

You can start work on your next RTS browser game today!
Just install the plugin on your WordPress website and start using it.


Game rules

Once logged in, click on the top-right settings icon , then click on Codex. Game rules are listed in an interactive interface. You can also access specific help sections from within the game by clicking on the help icon .

How Stephino RPG works


The backend is written in PHP using TDD and SOLID principles. The front-end is rendered by the browser using cutting-edge animation techniques for optimal performance on all devices.

What problem does it solve?

Browser games are frictionless. Visitors don't need to download a heavy client or wait for a long time to load the game, which leads to a massive improvement in conversion rates.

How is it different?

Stephino RPG allows our partners to fully customize all aspects of the game. After you have logged in (see Getting Started > Creating an account), click on the top-right settings icon , then click on Game Mechanics.

More about early access

According to Pareto's principle applied to software engineering, all software is at most 80% done. Even though the game is playable and fun and no major bugs plague it, it's still in what we would call early development. There's still a lot to do (see the roadmap) and your feedback is welcome.

Freemium browser gaming

Real-time Strategy Game

Play for free or use microtransactions to advance faster


Build your bases, unlock the tech tree, follow quests, amass armies and conquer your enemies

Game Arena

Create and play fun min-games in the platformer game arena and earn rewards for your efforts


Train sentries and use them to fight other player for in-game rewards


Grow your alliance and organize mass attacks against rivals for massive rewards and fun!

Steam Launcher

Desktop Client

Mark Jivko Creator
Game & UI designer and programmer behind Stephino RPG

Nice to meet you

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