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mors [mɔrs], f. noun, latin: death

Mors is an alien planet inhabited by multiple aviary races, brought there by The Ancient Ones hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Rediscover the Ancient secrets and fight for planet domination in the first-ever RPG developed for WordPress.

You can also host this game on your own server by your own rules. The admin area gives you access to extreme levels of control over every aspect of the game, from game mechanics right down to game animations and design. Hosting your own game also means access to the real-time in-game console. And don’t worry about your hosting plan, this game was obsessively optimized for CPU and memory consumption and bandwidth usage with Progressive Web Apps Cache Storage and optimized database interactions. Everyone should enjoy a smooth gaming experience on any device with CSS animation optimizations and the very best of what responsive design has to offer today.

The game is still very much a work in progress, but if you would like a sneak peek, just log in!

You can install Stephino RPG for free on your own website or laptop or even Raspberry Pi.